Connecting the Global Digital Economy

As a global innovative platform with a high degree of integration of cross-border payment and international financial technology, Photondance is a trusted partner to more than 100,000 businesses around the world, assisting and providing clients with international payment services with more than 60 currencies covered and spreading to over 150 countries.

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The Global Digital Economy

The Financial Infrastructure For Cross-border Business

Corporate Culture

Customer Comes First
The value we bring to our customers defines us
Focus on solving customers' pain points and protect customers' interests with Safe and professional services
Embracing change and starting a business all the time
Curiosity, self-driven, no boundaries, resilience
Always optimistic and positive; dare to break barriers and conventions; Overall thinking from 0 to 1
Simple and Solid
Doers, result oriented, and based on reality
Equal communication, independent and flat management, simplification, insist in abandoning all inefficient ways of work, and promoting transparent and efficient information sharing
Against "upward management"; Stay accurate, direct and concise
Be honest and responsible
The spirit of master
Dare to take the lead, dare to take responsibility, do not evade, do not shirk responsibility
Treat each other frankly and honestly, be trustworthy and creditworthy

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